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Laundry Room


All of our bandanas have been pre-washed and pre-shrunk.

Recommended wash Instructions:

  • Wash on warm.

  • Lay flat to air dry.

  • Cool iron if necessary. Do not exceed 120°C or 248°F.

  • Do not bleach. Do not dry-clean.

How to Extend the Life of Reflective Fabric

  • Use mild detergent, but not fabric softener. Do not presoak.

  • Do not wash with jeans or any clothing with rough fabric or edges. The microscopic glass beads on the reflective fabric can be worn off by the rough texture.

  • Try to air dry. If you chose to machine dry, use lowest heat setting and remove the product immediately. The added heat can cause damage.

  • If ironing, use pressing cloth between the fabric and the iron for extra protection.

We craft our bandanas with high quality fabrics and strong stitching, but normal wear can sometimes cause minor damage. Dogs will be dogs!
We are happy to offer stitching repair and snap replacement.  Just send your bandana back to us and we'll fix it up for free!
*We are not able to repair tears or holes.
Needle & Thread
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